Serenity Amadores

Treatments and massages

Temptations that you won’t be able to resist

Serenity Amadores features a massage and beauty treatment area in a cabana within the gardens, where you can enjoy blissful sensations outdoors.


We firmly believe in the concept of beauty trips.

Picture yourself wrapped in flowers or covered with essential oils. Like the idea?

Marine or purifying exfoliation

Deep peeling with essential oils, followed by an invigorating shower. On-demand moisturisation: you choose between oils or cream!

Flower petal exfoliation

This treatment combines a brown sugar skin peel with essential oils and a honey coating.

Inka exfoliation with aloe vera

Based on a wrap in natural aloe vera and a mineral peeling with essential oils, this gives your skin a healthy and nourished appearance.


We want you to put your well-being in our hands…

Unwind with one of our massages that will help you enjoy your stay even more. Because you’re worth it!


Aromatic and anti-stress, your skin and senses will appreciate this. Back and neck, legs and glutes, or full body. What do you fancy?

Stress reduction

The perfect moment of comfort and relaxation for the body, essential for taking you back to everyday life.


Treat your body and mind to an all-round aromatic experience with a single purpose. Out-and-out relaxation!

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